Psoriatic Arthritis impacting your feet

Is Psoriatic Arthritis impacting your feet?

For those living with Psoriasis, foot problems are quite common and are often (wrongly) linked to injuries. But did you know that swollen and painful feet, toes, and ankles could be a sign of Psoriatic Arthritis?1

Psoriatic Arthritis can affect any of the 26 bones and 33 joints of the feet as well as the structures (tendons and ligaments) that support them.2 Identifying feet-related symptoms and connecting them to Psoriatic Arthritis is the first step towards accurate diagnosis and treatment.3

Here’s a list of Psoriatic Arthritis symptoms related to the feet that can be signs to look out for:

Swelling: You may experience swelling in toes, ankles or heels, with accompanied pain, tenderness and redness. The swollen portion may also have a purple or red tint and be warm to touch. Sometimes an entire digit or toe is swollen, giving it a sausage-like appearance.3

Heel pain: Pain and tenderness at the back of the heel is also a common feature of Psoriatic Arthritis. This occurs when the hard band connecting your heel to your calf muscles is affected. 3

Pain on the soles of the feet: Another common feature of Psoriatic Arthritis is pain on the underside of the foot. This is caused due to the inflammation of the ‘plantar fascia’ which is the sheet of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot and attaches the heel to the front of the foot.3

Changes in toe nails: Changes in the nail structure, colour or development of small pus filled bumps on the feet may be signs of Psoriatic Arthritis too.2,3

Foot deformities: Foot deformities like toes bending to look like claws, upward bending of the big toe and flattening of the arch of the foot may be signs of advanced and untreated Psoriatic Arthritis.1,2

Foot problems are very common in Psoriatic Arthritis and are often the first sign to look out for if you are already dealing with Psoriasis.

It is important to identify these symptoms early and initiate a conversation about your joints and your feet with your Dermatologist to ensure timely and appropriate treatment.

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